2016-17 EI Brown Bag Series

The EI Brown Bag Series offers faculty and staff the opportunity to learn more about the wide variety of educational innovations occurring across campus. Please join us over the course of the year for one or more of the following events.

EI Small Grant Stimulates Active, Student-Centered Learning

Biochemistry 501: Introduction to Biochemistry is being taught in the summer for the first time thanks, in part, to an EI Small Grant. The grant funding has helped to redesign the course and to stimulate more active learning. Additionally, offering the course in the summer has increased scheduling flexibility for students and alleviated persistent botteleneck issues. Read More

EI Small Grant Supports Innovative Course Redesign

Katie Krueger (MBA ’11) realizes her students have never known life without the Internet, but that doesn’t mean they know how to use it as a business tool. That’s why the Wisconsin School of Business marketing lecturer decided to redesign her “Marketing in the Digital Age” course by incorporating active learning strategies, developing Open Educational Resources (OERs) and highlighting practical skills, while also enacting the WI Idea.

Interactive MOOCs: How Well Did They Work?

Building on the momentum of four pilot MOOCs, UW-Madison launched six new MOOCs in 2015. Two of the courses added in-person activities to supplement the online experience and reach statewide audiences. These targeted interactive events and partnerships extended beyond MOOC participants to reach local communities where the events occurred. Read more about the impact of these events, lessons learned, outcomes, implications and more.