InnovationWisCEL classes redefine the learning environment

Impact By promoting spontaneous peer collaboration in unique learning environments, students develop lifelong, independent learning skills.

WisCEL strives to reach success for all students by creating learning environments in spaces where students live and learn on their own initiative. These new spaces provide individualized learning experiences for large populations of students through a comprehensive offering of formal instruction, self-paced independent and group study, tutoring, and social events which, in combination, lead to confident, independent, lifelong learners.

In a WisCEL class, emphasis is placed on collaboration and the application of knowledge. Instructors spend less time lecturing, and more time assisting students with problem solving. Students are encouraged to work together to understand course content. With most WisCEL courses still in their first semester, pilot data from Fall 2010 to the present shows encouraging results in subject competency and final grades.

WisCEL Centers combine deliberate choices of physical environment including multi-use spaces, inviting and functional furnishings, and mobile whiteboards with innovative classroom technologies to create a learning commons of the future. A critical design principle was to envision a space that students would embrace as “their own” place to engage in informal learning, and marry it with an infrastructure that enables 21st-century, best practices for formal classroom instruction. WisCEL supports pedagogies which include spontaneous peer collaboration, instructor-as-coach models, self-pacing opportunities, frequent and immediate learning progress feedback, increased instructor time with students, and international connectivity.

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