True Innovation in an Era of Buzzwords and Cheap Ideas

Presentation: 3-4:30pm
Reception: 4:30-5:30pm
WID Town Center

The Educational Innovation (EI) Initiative welcomes the campus community to attend a special guest presentation by internationally renowned, digital learning expert and theorist, and executive director of the LINK Research Lab at University of Texas-Arlington, George Siemens.

Dr. Siemens’s presentation will highlight some of the recent changes in higher education concerning government policy, student expectations and growth of for-profits, among other areas. These changes, while indicating significant risk to higher education, are presented as “innovations.” The presentation will explore both these false promises of innovations – those ideas that might enrich shareholders, but deplete the vibrant intellectual exploration that higher education offers today – as well as innovations that preserve faculty autonomy, foster learner creativity, and promote a vision of learning that is inclusive, future-focused and embodies ideals of a creative humanity.

To ensure adequate seating and refreshments, please register in advance.