Learning Analytics: Using Pattern to Log Course Activities

Noon-1:15pm, Union South (TITU)

Do you wonder how much time students invest in various course activities? If they are focusing on the most important activities to help them succeed in your course? Or, how you can encourage students to be more reflective about their learning.

Pattern is a tool that has been used by students and instructors to help answer these questions and more. Join us for a conversation with Miguel Garcia-Gosalvez from the Wisconsin School of Business and Heather Kirkorian from the School of Human Ecology, as they share experiences about how they have incorporated Pattern into their course expectations.

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This event is part of series on learning analytics co-sponsored by the Educational Innovation (EI) Initiative and DoIT Academic Technology. To learn more about upcoming events this semester, join the learning analytics listserv by emailing join-uwmadisonlearninganalytics@lists.wisc.edu.