Dr. Linda Nilson Presents “Self-Regulated Learning: Active Learning on the Inside”

10-11:30am, Union South, Northwoods Room
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Most students have serious misconceptions about learning, especially about the amount of effort and focus it should require of them and your role in their learning process. One way to dispel these misconceptions is to teach your students how to become self-regulated learners. Self-regulated learning is a key learning skill that few students know about. Research tells us that instructors can improve their students’ exam performance, written and designed products, and problem-solving skills by incorporating into their courses just a few of the many forms of self-regulated learning activities. These modest additions also reduce the overconfidence that many students feel about their mastery of the material and their ability to apply it. After this presentation, you will be able to explain what self-regulated learning is and how students benefit from practicing it. You will also be able to design and integrate into your courses proven self-regulated learning assignments and activities. You can choose from among those designed for specific times during the term and those connected to various course components (e.g., lectures, readings, exams, etc.).

Head shot of Dr. Linda NilsonDr. Linda Nilson is an internationally recognized expert in teaching and learning and faculty professional development. Dr. Nilson recently retired from her position as Founding Director of the Office of Teaching Effectiveness and Innovation at Clemson University, and is the author of the book “Creating self-regulated learners.” Linda will speak about how postsecondary educators can incorporate specific activities and curricular strategies into their courses to cultivate self-regulated learning.

This event is co-sponsored by the UW-Madison Collaborative for Advancing Learning and Teaching, and the WI Center for Education Research.