Learning Analytics Speaker Series: Data Doubles: What do students think about their privacy on campus?

11am-noon, Memorial Union (TITU)

The Data Doubles research project, funded by the Institute for Museum and Library Services, is investigating student perceptions of their privacy regarding learning analytics practices in universities and their libraries. This is a multi-institution, 3-phased project that includes student interviews, surveys and focus groups.

“Each of us has a data double, a digital duplicate of our lives captured in data and spread across ...

Learning Analytics Speaker Series: Direct Evidence of Student Learning (DESL)

Noon-1pm, Memorial Union (TITU)

Join us for a presentation about the Direct Evidence of Student Learning (DESL) Project. The DESL Project, led by the Office of the Provost Student Learning Assessment (SLA) team, provides new resources to better support faculty and instructors’ evaluation of student learning. The project focuses on supporting the use of direct evidence of student learning, which involves intentionally connecting or “mapping” course-level assignments, quizzes, exams – and ...

Learning Analytics Speaker Series: The Appropriate Use of Data for Learning Analytics Guiding Principles

12:30-1:30pm, Union South (TITU)

Learning analytics practices continue to increase on campus – how does that affect instructors, instructional staff and students? Beth Martin (School of Pharmacy) and Brian Yandell (Wisconsin Institutes of Discovery) were on the ad-hoc Learning Analytics Data Use Subcommittee (LADUS), which was charged to establish guidelines for the use of data for learning analytics as an educational practice. Join us to learn more about these ...

EI Lunch & Learn: Using Assessment Data to Enhance Teaching and Support Student Success

Noon-1:15pm in Union South
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Bring your lunch and join us for a discussion on using assessment data to enhance teaching and support student success. From course syllabi and learning outcomes, to direct and indirect assessments (such as course evaluations), the Office of the Provost Student Learning Assessment (SLA) team is working to make learning assessment data more accessible and integrated to better ...

Learning Analytics - Explore Course-level Data with Tableau Visualizations

Noon-1pm, Union South (TITU)

Join Clare Huhn and Jocelyn Milner from Academic Planning & Institutional Research (APIR) as they discuss how UW-Madison is using Tableau — a business intelligence data visualization tool — to allow users to access interactive dashboards and data relevant to course instructors and course outcomes. The presentation will explore the Undergraduate Course D/F/Drop Rate workbook and the forthcoming Course Demographic workbook, as well as review other ...

EI Brown Bag - Creating and Sustaining High-Demand, Revenue-Generating (131) Programs

Noon-1:15pm in Union South
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Learn how to identify, create and sustain successful, high-demand programs (certificates, degrees, and non-credit pathways) for new student audiences at UW-Madison. Growth of high-demand programs designed for non-traditional audiences allows you to:

  • diversify your department’s academic program portfolio
  • attract and serve new audiences of students
  • strengthen Wisconsin’s workforce in a knowledge economy
  • experiment with online teaching and learning
  • build relationships with ...

EI Brown Bag - Linking Learning Data to Course Outcomes to Promote Student Success

Noon-1:15pm, Union South
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How do you know if your students are learning what you think they’re learning? What assignments, class discussions or assessments are most effective? How can you provide more useful feedback to individual students and yet have time for responses to many?

Join us as we discuss these questions and provide a hands-on demonstration on how faculty and instructors can digitally connect ...

Learning Analytics - Course-Level Dashboard and Canvas Analytics Beta

Noon-1pm, Union South (TITU)

A Course-Level Dashboard is currently being developed by DoIT Academic Technology to help instructors learn more about their courses and their students. The project began last spring by working with instructors to identify their needs through  interviews and design prototype reviews. The dashboard is scheduled to launch in spring semester and provides several visualizations that can help instructors see how students are interacting with course materials, ...

Learning Analytics - The Importance of Meaning: Going Beyond Mixed Methods to Turn Big Data into Real Understanding

Noon-1pm, Union South (TITU)

In this age of Big Data, how do we keep from being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of traditional qualitative and quantitative data? How can we use statistical methods to support grounded inquiry into human behavior?

This session will focus on how to take a critical step in the field of learning analytics; moving beyond looking for patterns in mountains of data, and instead, telling textured ...

6 Ways to Use Learning Analytics: A Functional Taxonomy

Noon-1pm, Union South (TITU)

Why are people using learning analytics? What questions can learning analytics answer to help improve teaching and learning? What does learning analytics look like in actual courses?

Join us for an interactive session with Sara Hagen from the Collaborative for Engineering Education & Training (CEETE) and Sarah Traynor, from the School of Medicine and Public Health to discuss six learning analytics approaches. Hagen and Traynor will ...