Engage eText Pilot Participants – Spring 2018

*DLT: Digital learning tools are all other non-text digital/electronic learning materials (including publisher’s online learning and study environments, game simulations, online courses, and other interactive materials). DLTs are hosted on the publisher’s websites. Examples of DLTs include Cengage MindTap, Pearson’s MyLab and Mastering series, and Pearson Revel.

Wisconsin School of Business

GEN BUS 301: Business Law – David Pelletier

  • eText and DLT: Business Law and the Regulation of Business with MindTap

GEN BUS 302: Business Orgs and Negotiable Instruments – Joseph Boucher

  • eText and DLT: Business Law and the Regulation of Business with MindTap

MKT 423: Procurement and Supply Management – John McKeller

  • eText: Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

MKT 724: Strategic Global Sourcing – John McKeller

  • eText: Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

School of Education

ANAT&PHY 337: Human Anatomy – Julie Stamm

  • eText and DLT: Human Anatomy, 8 ed. with Mastering A&P

College of Engineering

CIV ENGR 310: Fluid Mechanics – Chin H. Wu and Paul Block

  • eText and DLT: Fluid Mechanics for Engineers with Mastering Engineering

CIV ENGR 370: Transportation Engineering – David Noyce

  • eText: Traffic & Highway Engineering

School of Human Ecology

CNSR SCI 201: Consumer Research and Analysis – Jessica Viesselmann and Moonhoon Choi

  • eText and DLT: Basic Marketing Research with MindTap

CNSR SCI 657: Consumer Behavior – Nancy Y. Chin Wong

  • eText and DLT: Marketing for Consumer Behavior with MindTap

HDFS 362: Development of the Young Child – Heather Kirkorian

  • eText: Child Development: A Thematic Approach

College of Letters & Science

CHEM 311: Chemistry Across the Periodic Table – John Moore

  • eText: Descriptive Inorganic, Coordination, and Solid-State Chemistry

ECON 101: Principles of Microeconomics – Korinna Hansen

  • eText and DLT: Principles of Microeconomics, 12 ed. with MyEconLab

MATH 211: Calculus – Alex Hanhart and Sashka Kjuchukova

  • eText: Brief Applied Calculus

PHYSICS 103: General Physics I – Peter Timbie; Daniel Thurs

  • eText and DLT: OpenStax College Physics with Mastering Physics

POLI SCI 140: Introduction to International Relations – Jon Pevehouse

  • eText and DLT: International Relations with REVEL

PSYCH 210: Basic Statistics for Psychology – Rebecca Addington

  • eText and DLT: Psychology for Statistics for The Behavioral Sciences with MindTap