Engage eText Pilot Participants – Fall 2018

*DLT: Digital learning tools are all other non-text digital/electronic learning materials (including publisher’s online learning and study environments, game simulations, online courses, and other interactive materials). DLTs are hosted on the publisher’s websites. Examples of DLTs include Cengage MindTap, Pearson’s MyLab and Mastering series, and Pearson Revel.

Wisconsin School of Business

ACCT I S 211: Introductory Managerial Accounting – Kristen Fuhremann

  • eText: Management Accounting: Information for Decision-Making and Strategy Execution

ACCT I S 310: Cost Management Systems – Russell Epp

  • eText and DLT: Cost Accounting,16 ed. with MyLab (6-month access)

FINANCE 300: Introduction to Finance – Mark LaPlante

  • eText: Fundamentals of Finance

FINANCE 700: Introduction to Financial Management – Adam Smedema

  • eText and DLT: Corporate Finance/Ross, 11 ed. with Connect (1-semester access)

FINANCE 765: Contemporary Topics – Adam Smedema

  • eText: Analysis for Financial Management, Higgins, 12 ed.

GEN BUS 301: Business Law – David Pelletier

  • eText and DLT: Business Law and the Regulation of Business with MindTap (6-month access)

GEN BUS 302: Business Orgs and Negotiable Instruments – Joseph Boucher

  • eText and DLT: Business Law and the Regulation of Business with MindTap (6-month access)

MKT 300: Marketing Management – Laurie Brachman

  • eText: Essentials of Marketing/Perreault, 16 ed.

MKT 305: Consumer Behavior – Amber Epp

  • eText: Consumer Behavior: Buying, Having and Being, 12 ed.

MKT 423: Procurement and Supply Management – John McKeller

  • eText: Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

MKT 640: Strategic Retailing – Maria Heide

  • eText: Retail Management

School of Education

ANAT&PHY 337: Human Anatomy – Julie Stamm; Patrick Hills-Meyer

  • eText and DLT: Human Anatomy, 8 ed. with Modified Mastering A&P (24-month access)

ED PSYCH 320: Human Development in Infancy and Childhood – Haley Vlach

  • eText: Infants and Children: Prenatal through Middle Childhood, 8 ed.

ED PSYCH 321: Human Development in Adolescence – Amy Belmore

  • eText: Adolescence, 11 ed.

ED PSYCH 760: Statistical Methods Applied in Education I – Jodi Wollack

  • eText: Statistical Methods for the Social Sciences, 5 ed.

KINES 100: Exercise, Nutrition and Health – Ronnie Carda; Kelli Koltyn

  • eText: Fit & Well: Core Concepts and Labs in Physical Fitness and Wellness – Alternate Edition

KINES 314: Physiology of Exercise – Jill Barnes; William Schrage

  • eText: Exercise Physiology: Theory and Application to Fitness and Performance

KINES 361: Motor Learning and Performance – Andrea Mason

  • eText: Motor Learning and Control: Concepts and Applications

College of Engineering

CIV ENGR 310: Fluid Mechanics – Paul Block

  • eText and DLT: Fluid Mechanics for Engineers with Mastering Engineering (6-month access)

CIV ENGR 320: Environment Engineering – Trina McMahon

  • eText: Davis’s Principles of Environmental Science and Engineering, 3 ed.

CIV ENGR 370: Transportation Engineering – Sue Soyoung Ahn

  • eText: Traffic & Highway Engineering

I SY E 313: Engineering Economic Analysis – Vicki Bier

  • eText and DLT: Engineering Economy, 8 ed. with Connect (6-month access)

ME 306: Mechanics of Materials – Krishna Rudraraju; Andrew Mikkelson; Stephan Rudykh

  • eText and DLT: Mechanics of Materials with Connect (1-semester access)

School of Human Ecology

CNSR SCI 201: Consumer Research and Analysis – Fenaba Addo

  • eText and DLT: Basic Marketing Research with MindTap (6-month access)

CNSR SCI 257: Introduction to Retailing – Nancy Murray

  • eText: Retail Management

CNSR SCI 657: Consumer Behavior – Nancy Y. Chin Wong

  • eText and DLT: Marketing for Consumer Behavior with MindTap (6-month access)

HDFS 362: Development of the Young Child – Roxanne Etta

  • eText: Child Development: A Thematic Approach

HDFS 363: Development from Adolescence to Old Age – Sigan Hartley

  • eText: Life-Span Development

HDFS 425: Research Methods in Human Development and Family Studies – Sections 001 and 002

  • eText: Methods in Behavioral Management

HDFS 471: Parent-Child Relations – Kristy Burkholder

  • eText: Process of Parenting 9

College of Letters & Science

BIOCORE 381: Evolution, Ecology and Genetics – Irwin Goldman; Evelyn Howell; Amy Moser; Janet Batzil; Seth Mcgee

  • eTexts: Ecology: Concepts and Applications; Genetics: Analysis and Principles; Biology

CHEM 311: Chemistry Across the Periodic Table – Clark Landis; Chad Wilkinson

  • eText: Descriptive Inorganic, Coordination, and Solid-State Chemistry

ECON 101: Principles of Microeconomics – Korinna Hansen

  • eText and DLT: Principles of Microeconomics, 12 ed. with MyLab (6-month access)

ECON 101: Principles of Microeconomics – Elizabeth Kelly

  • eText: Microeconomics

ECON 102: Principles of Microeconomics – Gwen Eudey

  • eText and DLT: Macroeconomics: Principles, Applications and Tools with MyEconLab (6-month access)

GEOG 340: World Regions in Global Context – Kris Olds

  • eText: World Regions in Global Context: Peoples, Places, and Environments

GEOSCI 106: Environment Geology – Chuck DeMets

  • eText: Environmental Geology

GEOSCI 140: Natural Hazards and Disasters – Harold Tobin

  • eText: Natural Hazards

HISTORY 119: The Making of Modern Europe 1500-1815 – Lee Wandel

  • eText: Traditions & Encounters: A Global Perspective on the Past

MATH 113: Trigonometry – Eugenia Malitsky

  • eText and DLT: Trigonometry with MyLab

MATH 171: Calculus with Algebra and Trig 1 – Section 001

  • eText and DLT: Calculus I with Precalculus with WebAssign
    (12-month access)

MATH 211: Calculus – Xiaoqin Guo

  • eText: Brief Applied Calculus

MATH 221: Calculus Analytic Geometry I – Gabriele E. Meyer; Laurentiu Maxim; Brian Thoma Street; Simon Lin Marshall; Alexander Hanhart

  • eText and DLT: Stewart’s Calculus with WebAssign (Lifetime access)

MATH 222: Calculus Analytic Geometry II – Soledad Benguria

  • eText and DLT: Stewart’s Calculus with WebAssign (Lifetime access)

PHILOS 211: Elementary Logic – Michael Titelbaum

  • eText: The Logic Book

PHYSICS 103: General Physics – Stanislav Boldyrev; Yibin Pan; Daniel Patrick Thurs

  • eText and DLT: OpenStax College Physics with Mastering Physics (without Pearson eText)

PHYSICS 104: General Physics – Benjamin Spike; Kimberly Palladino

  • eText and DLT: OpenStax College Physics with Mastering Physics (without Pearson eText)

PHYSICS 207: General Physics – Jeffrey Schmidt

  • eText and DLT: Physics for Scientists and Engineers with Modern Physics with Mastering Physics (12-month access)

POLI SCI 140: Introduction to International Relations – Mark Copelovitch

  • eText and DLT: International Relations, 11 ed. with REVEL (6-month access)

PSYCH 202: Introduction to Psychology – Jeff Henriques

  • eText: Introducing Psychology

PSYCH 210: Basic Statistics for Psychology – Jeff Henriques

  • eText: Statistics for The Behavioral Sciences

PSYCH 210: Basic Statistics for Psychology – Rebecca Addington

  • eText and DLT: Psychology for Statistics for The Behavioral Sciences with MindTap (6-month access)

PSYCH 460: Child Development – Karl Rosengren

  • eText and DLT: How Children Grow with LaunchPad