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The mission of EI is to engage and inspire students through enriched learning. To fulfill this mission, we will:

  1. Enable personalized learning experiences, at scale, using technology
  2. Expand access for both traditional and new student audiences


The vision of EI is to lead the university in providing an innovative, accessible and inclusive learning environment that fosters highly engaged learners capable of addressing the challenges of the modern world.



Enable personalized learning experiences, at scale, using technology.

  • Facilitate growth of learner-centered environments and active learning experiences across campus
  • Identify and utilize course-level learning data and analytics to support instructors and students

Expand access for both traditional and new student audiences.

  • Develop pathways to expand enrollments through Summer Term, and other course and program offerings
  • Expand technology implementations to realize opportunities and new distance learning experiences
  • Explore new, accessible ways to deliver content (e.g., open education resources that reduce costs for students, e-texts and other media)


Engage eText Pilot

eTexts and other digital course materials are becoming more and more available to students for a fraction of the cost of printed materials.

In partnership with Associated Students of Madison (ASM), the Office of the Provost, the Office of the Registrar and DoIT Academic Technology (AT), the EI Initiative is leading an eText pilot starting in spring 2018 and likely continuing into additional academic years. The pilot will primarily ...

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Student Digital Ecosystem

UW-Madison is building a next-generation student digital ecosystem to better support faculty, staff and students. The ecosystem will connect university-wide systems including student information, learning management and curriculum management systems, as well as digital assessment tools. The connection of systems will allow for interoperability and flexibility, improve information accessibility and consistency, and empower faculty, staff and students with new tools and capabilities to achieve success. As shown in the figure ...

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Online Learning

Enhancing and scaling online learning is a significant focus for campus and the EI Initiative, particularly as both strive to advance personalized learning strategies using technology and to expand access to both traditional and new student audiences. In partnership with schools, colleges and other campus units, EI aims to help provide high-quality online learning experiences across campus.

EI Online Course Initiative Online Course Development Support Opportunities

New in 2017, the ...

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REACH - Redesigning for Active learning in High-enrollment courses

Primary Objectives

The REACH team will partner with faculty and instructors to:

  • Transform high-enrollment, lecture-based courses into more active and inclusive learning environments that can be sustained by academic departments
  • Inspire greater student responsibility for learning by increasing student inquiry and engagement with the subject matter
  • Improve student learning
Early Indications of Impact
  • Consistent, active and inclusive course structures and practices
  • Co-created learning objectives, curricula and ...
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UW-Madison & Unizin

In late September 2014, after a summer of exploring and openly discussing the prospect of joining Unizin with governance bodies and key stakeholders, UW-Madison officially joined Unizin, a consortium of major universities across the U.S. that are working to assemble a standards-based set of digital tools for teaching and learning.

With these tools, which span the areas of course management, learning analytics and content ...

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Blended Learning

The EI Initiative strives to support the growing number of blended learning efforts occurring across campus. In particular, the EI Initiative partners with DoIT Academic Technology to offer Blend@UW and the Blended Learning Fellowship.

Blended learning can come in many shapes and forms, and can assume a number of different meanings to different people. Faculty and instructors in the Blended Learning ...

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Open Educational Resources (OER)

UW‐Madison has identified the adoption and production of Open Educational Resources (OER) as a priority within the Educational Innovation (EI) Initiative, and in connection with the university’s Unizin efforts. The advantages of increased use of OER for instruction include enhanced attainment of learning outcomes, greater flexibility and more diverse pathways for students when accessing learning materials, greater flexibility for instructors to customize instructional materials, and lower course material costs ...

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EI Online Course Development Grants

New in 2017, the EI Online Course Initiative offers faculty and instructors the opportunity to apply for Online Course Development Grants through an annual call for proposals during the fall semester. The grants provide support for online course development for courses taught during any term (fall, spring or summer). Faculty and instructors will receive tools, training and resources, and be paired with an instructional technologist as part of the design, ...

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EI Small Grant Program

The EI Small Grant Program supports faculty and instructional staff in their efforts to experiment with new technologies and new ways of learning. The program will award grants up to $15,000. Proposals were due Monday, October 23, 2017.

2017-18 Proposal Themes

Proposals should address at least one of the following themes:

  1. Implementing blended learning or active learning strategies
  2. Developing and/or implementing Open Education Resources (OER)
  3. Using digital tools ...
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REACH Recognition Event Celebrates Initiative's Accomplishments

On Wednesday, September 27, participants, team members, supporters and benefactors of the REACH Initiative gathered to celebrate the accomplishments of the effort, to date, and to recognize the dedication and talents all of those involved. The REACH Initiative is part of the broader EI Initiative, and is one of many efforts to spark innovation in teaching and learning across campus.

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Engage eText Pilot Aims to Reduce Weight of Textbook Costs on Students

With endorsement from Associated Students of Madison (ASM), the EI Initiative will lead an eTexts pilot, starting in spring 2018 and likely continuing into additional academic years.

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EI Brown Bag - Creating and Sustaining High-Demand, Revenue-Generating (131) Programs

Noon-1:15pm, Union South
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Learn how to identify, create and sustain successful, high-demand programs for new student audiences at UW-Madison. Growth of high-demand programs designed for non-traditional audiences allows you to:

  • diversify your department’s academic program portfolio
  • attract and serve new audiences of students
  • strengthen Wisconsin’s workforce in a knowledge economy
  • experiment with alternative teaching and learning approaches
  • diversify revenue streams in an ...

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Advisory Committee

The EI Advisory Committee supports the initiative in the following areas:

  • Policy – identifying, prioritizing and understanding policy issues needed to advance EI in alignment with the institution’s mission and values
  • Engagement – facilitating broad campus participation and involvement of faculty, staff and students
  • Direction and success – determining the strategic direction and progress of EI

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The primary aim of the UCAAA is to support, enhance and coordinate academic and co-curricular programs and educational achievement across campus, with a focus on student learning, effective teaching and improving the educational experience of all students.  The committee also serves as an advisory council for EI.

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The EI initiative continues to develop partnerships across campus in support of its core mission to inspire and engage students through enriched learning opportunities. Thanks to the innovative efforts of our talented faculty, staff and students, educational innovations continue to occur throughout our university every day. The following is an ever-evolving list of our partners. Please take a look and find out more!